Public Relations & Celebrity Management

Celebrities and businesses need a meticulous, witty and quick-on-feet management team that builds a positive image and press coverage for them. FILMY SCOOP provides strategic communication, media relations, social media management, crisis communications for celebrities and businesses for reputation management.

Public Relations Services

The film industry is a hub of talents. Amidst the competition, it becomes crucial that everyone finds his or her ground. This ground is formed by the mutual communication between them and the audience. An artiste, thus, has to rightly convey his/her opinions to the general public while managing any distortions that come in way of the same. Public Relations is the very way by which this mutual trust that boosts popularity can be achieved.

FILMY SCOOP’s Public Relations services are extended towards reputation management., crisis management, media relations, social media handling, press releases, event planning and management, outreach and more.

Artist Portfolio

An artist’s portfolio is a collection of the best of his/her works till date. It is a tangible proof of the artist’s versatility; and reflects the artist’s style of work and capability as an individual.
A portfolio is considered as “a method of self-discovery and confidence-building.”

Filmy Scoop helps the artists in compiling their most favoured works with great presentability. We bind the true representation of the artist’s values and identity with great commitment of time and energy. A portfolio built with assistance from FilmyScoop, will always speak for the artist, reflecting his/her thoughts and aesthetics.

Social Media Management

Social media is booming across the world and can be well-exploited to reach and expand audiences. Opening a business account on popular social media platforms makes it easier to reach the public and. They are also more convenient for creative engagement.

Filmy Scoop helps you to choose the right platform and cater to the right audience. We create a hub of creative content with stories, feed posts, short videos, etc. that blend aesthete and engagement. We also help in verification and maintenance of social media handles.